Crowd DJ

Scala • PHP • HTML • CSS • Javascript

This Crowd DJ project uses Spotify's API to have one user login, then allow many people to see and contribute to a playlist regardless of whether they have a Spotify account or not. The motivation behind this was many people at social events want to add a song they want to hear to the queue but it's a hassle to crowd around the host's phone or computer. This being considered, creating a mobile friendly web interface was a priority. The end result is below.

The program was actually put to test before our pre concert brunch on slope day. While it saved me the hassle of putting together a playlist, the music selection was all over the place. Constantly jumping between genres doesn't sound as good as sticking to one. Here's the combination of my friends' music tastes:

Spotfy's API is pretty limited so showing where in the playlist you are couldn't be acheived. If I had to go back and redo this project, I would use some other server side rendering framework like Python with Django instead of PHP. Ultimately, the project provided an interesting social experiment but wasn't as useful as I had hoped.